Fortech- 22 September 2022

Fortech- 22 September 2022

We are pleased to announce the third talk in the FORTECH: Industry-Academia Talk Series. The speaker is Prof. Kanwar Nalwa, Associate Professor, Department of Sustainable Energy Engineering, IIT Kanpur. He was earlier associated with Portland Technology Development of Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. Prof. Nalwa believes that industry must participate at the nascent stage of the development itself so that industry and academia can work together in solving stability and scaling-related issues as they arise during the project period. This talk will highlight the strategies that his group is adopting to reach out to the industry and solve practical problems that the industry is seeking solutions for. The exemplary cases will be discussed that highlight the real-world problems in the area of #energystorage and #solarcells and how the his research group is actively engaging with the industry to overcome these challenges.


22 September 2022


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