Defence Expo

Defence Expo

18-20 October 2022
#India is breaking barriers, pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in the Aerospace and Defence Industry. Amidst all the critical factors contributing towards making India self-reliant, one not-so-often-talked-about factor is the role of academia in boosting industry growth. In a session organized by #UPEIDA #UPDIC at the recently held DefExpo2022, Prof. Gopal Kamath, Professor-in-charge, Technopark@iitk, spoke about the need of building strategic long-term partnerships between academia, industry and government to work on mission-mode projects critical for economy, create indigenous products and technologies, upgrade the manufacturing processes, train and upskill our resources, build new R&D facilities, establish new companies, license and commercialize the patented technologies.


18 October 2022


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