IITK Student-Industry Engagement

IITK Student-Industry Engagement

Webinar by Academics and Career Council, IITK

IITK Students tackling Real World Problems, a program run by Technopark@iitk to encourage IITK students to work on industry problems, which will augment their problem-solving skills while providing a practical perspective to their classroom learning. In an hour-long webinar hosted by the Academics and Career Council, IIT Kanpur on 6th March 2021, Dr. Ashesha Sinha, Coordinator for the ReWoP program addressed the students on the various benefits of this program, the successful projects executed under it so far and the future opportunities with industry.

Presently, we have 450+ students registered with the ReWoP program. ReWoP Program of Technopark@iitk is meant for and designed to harness the potential of the IIT Kanpur student and researcher community to address industry challenges while providing them opportunities to understand real-world issues and translate their learning to practice. It augments the existing curriculum imparted by IITK through industry-facing projects. The program is open throughout the year, in which a student/researcher can work with the industry through part-time employment or as interns during summer and winter vacations. It is an opportunity for students/researchers to build upon their professional skills including, problem-solving, communication (written and verbal) skills, teamwork, and project management. The program offers them space and scope to conceptualize and implement creative and out-of-the-box solutions for the industry. On the other hand, this program provides the industry with fresh ideas, ingenious solutions, and a talent pipeline for the future.


06 March 2021


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